Rosie O'Donnell, Colin Farrell, Hilary Swank and Cher

Rosie O'Donnell, Colin Farrell, Hilary Swank and Cher in the rocket's red glare of The Foxlight.

The New York Post says that everything wasn't so rosy for Rosie at a recent gay and lesbian awards banquet.

The Queen of 'Nice' ripped into George W. Bush over the war. And despite the liberal room, she was booed. Her publicist disputes the claim. Surprise. But reports say she did get a much bigger reaction from the crowd when she entered the room as opposed to the sounds of silence she got on the way out.

This war had the Foxlight on vacation for a spell so I missed advance screenings of Phone Booth. But I caught it last night and I must say, for a one note thriller, it had me on hold in a good way from start to finish. In a world of dreck movies like The Core, it's nice to have something different. And I'm glad Jim Carrey passed on this thing. Colin Farrell was first rate. Get him on those cellular commercials instead of Catherine Zeta-'Phones.'

Speaking of The Core as in 'rotten to the,' do you think Hilary Swank ever said to the director, "As an Oscar-winner I feel while traveling in a nuclear powered burrowing device to the earth's center we should be sweating more."?

Finally, Cher won over critics in her supposed 'farewell' concert. But she eluded to the fact that she better get out before she looked too much like the drag queens that impersonate her. Uh, too late.