Topics and Guests for Tuesday, April 8

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April 8:

The bombing aimed at Saddam Hussein yesterday left a huge crater in Baghdad, but the Iraqi leader has a vast network of underground quarters
Giora Shamis, editor in chief of

As coalition forces tighten the noose around Baghdad, what's left of Iraqi resistance?
• Retired Marine Col. Randy Gangle 

The next battle in Iraq will be over how to run it once Saddam is gone
Danel Neep, head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies

The generals in charge of Operation Iraqi Freedom promise that this war will never be like Vietnam, but Vietnam might be exactly what the Iraqi commanders have in mind
James Fox, journalist and author of  White Mischief and Five Sisters

Are coalition forces doing enough to prevent civilian casualties and win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people?
Sarah Sewell, former deputy assistant secretary of defense

There's a lot of smart money betting that Saddam is dead, but what if he got away? Is there any way he could live out the rest of his days in exile?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst 

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