Guests and Topics: April 7

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Coalition forces continued their aerial assault on Baghdad Monday afternoon, hours after U.S. troops barreled through the heart of the Iraqi capital just after dawn in a dramatic show of force designed to prove the coalition can enter the city with impunity.

U.S. Marines crossed the Tigris River east of the city despite heavy damage to bridges from booby traps and heavy fighting.

Meanwhile, U.S. biological and chemical weapons experts believe they may have found an Iraqi storage site for weapons of mass destruction, a U.S. officer told Reuters.

"Our detectors have indicated something," Major Ros Coffman, a public affairs officer with the U.S. 3rd Infantry, said of the site just south of Hindiyah. The details on this story—plus expert reaction to the war.

And Peter Arnett is back on the air from Baghdad. Within days of being fired by NBC, Arnett found an unlikely new audience Thursday: the Dutch-speaking citizens of northern Belgium. Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky, on why he feels Arnett should be tried for treason.

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