Topics and Guests for April 4

Iraq's information minister threatened coalition troops with "non-conventional" attacks on Friday, possibly as soon as nightfall, after allied troops tightened their grip on the area surrounding Baghdad.

And in a tape broadcast on Iraqi television, a man purporting to be Saddam Hussein, in full military uniform, read a statement calling on Iraqis to strike at coalition forces at the gates of the capital. The statement referred to the March 24 downing of a U.S. helicopter, which means the statement was taped after the war began.

Earlier in the day, U.S. forces seized control of the Iraqi capital's airport after an all-night battle, and U.S. military officials said 2,500 of Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard had surrendered.

We'll get the latest on the coalition's progress from our FOX News correspondents in the field and a battlefield assessment from FNC military analysts.

Are coalition troops prepared for the urban combat they could face in Baghdad? We’ll ask Joseph Kampf, CEO of Anteon.

Hollywood execs are lining up to bring rescued American POW Jessica Lynch's story to the big screen. Is that hypocritical, considering Hollywood's anti-war stance? Radio talk show hosts Dan Patrick and Bernie Ward join the debate.

Plus, we'll take the market's temperature with Mary Farrell, managing director and senior investment strategist at UBS Paine Webber, and Hilary Kramer, chief market strategist at HFR Asset Management.

We'll have those stories and more on today's edition of Your World with Cavuto.

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