Saturday, April 5

You can count on FOX News Channel's international team of reporters to be where the action is. We've put together the best of the day's reports — all in one place — so you can easily stay on top of the latest developments in the Gulf.

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Correspondent: Greg Kelly
Location: Embedded with the 3rd Infantry

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Troops storm into Baghdad; resistance is met from Republican Guard
Correspondent: Oliver North
Location: Embedded with 1st Marine Expedition Force

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
Marines face some tough going, but they are seeing happy welcomes on the way
Correspondent: Chris Kline
Location: Northern Iraq

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
Chris Kline reports that in the area around Mosul Iraqis are still offering "surprisingly consistent resistance" to coalition forces
Correspondent: William La Jeunesse
Location: Kuwait City

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
In Basra, British coalition forces continue, street by street, to take down the Iraqi regime;new reports on the desperate plight of Iraqi soldiers
Correspondent: Heather Nauert
Location: Amman, Jordan

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
Despite FOX News video and other images seen around the world, the Iraqi government insists that images of coalition forces are really from a Hollywood production!
Correspondent: Rick Leventhal
Location: Embedded with Armored Marines

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
What is a tank killing mission? And what risks are involved?
Correspondent: Jamie Nelson
Location: USS Truman, Mediterranean Sea

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
Coalition pilots pound military targets and terrorist camps in northern Iraq
Correspondent: Mike Tobin
Location: CENTCOM HQ, Qatar

Latest Report: Video: 4/5
Coalition forces take on the center of Baghdad and maintain control of Baghdad International Airport