Topics and Guests for Monday, April 7

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Topics and Guests for Monday, April 7

• Coalition forces continue their aerial assault on Baghdad, hours after U.S. troops barrel through the heart of the Iraqi capital. Was this a show of force that the coalition can easily enter the city?

But Iraq's information minister denies that the Americans are in the city, declaring: "Be assured Baghdad is safe, secure and great."

Meanwhile, U.S. biological and chemical weapons experts believe they may have found an Iraqi storage site for weapons of mass destruction, a U.S. officer told Reuters.

Plus, the man dubbed as "Chemical Ali" is apparently killed by an airstrike on his house in Basra.

And are Iraqis rising up against Saddam Hussein's military in Baghdad?

We'll discuss these developments and more with our guests:

Lin Todd, former military planner

Those stories and much more... tonight on The Big Story With John Gibson.

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