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The final battle of the war with Iraq is underway. Today, U.S. forces advanced to within 19 miles of Baghdad as coalition troops appeared to be gearing up for an all-out assault on the Iraqi capital.

Ground forces from the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and the First Marine Expeditionary Corps penetrated the Iraqi capital's "red zone" Wednesday, destroying one division of Saddam Hussein's battle-hardened Republican Guard as they crossed the Tigris River.

The "red zone" is the area encircling the capital where U.S. officials say Iraqi resistance will be most tenacious, and where Saddam has reportedly authorized his troops to use chemical weapons.

We'll have all the latest developments from the battlefield and we'll bring you analysis from our military experts.

Plus, how was 19-year-old Jessica Lynch rescued? We'll take you step-by-step through the daring rescue and talk with someone who knows her well.

Also, some Americans are surprised that coalition forces have not been welcomed by Iraqis with the kind of overt enthusiasm many expected to see. We'll talk with an Iraqi who recently left the country about what's going on.

Then, should the United States observe a National Day of Prayer during this time of war? We'll have a debate with Connecticut Republican Rep. Chris Shays and New York Democrat Rep. Gary Ackerman.

Finally, as we told you in last night's "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" segment... Madonna has a new video out which is apparently full of anti-American images, like a singer lobbing a hand grenade at President Bush... Now the singer is saying she doesn't want the video shown in America and that she supports the troops and is praying for them. Should this video ever air here in the U.S.? We'll talk with Rolling Stone's Kirk Miller who says he's seen the video and thinks very highly of it.

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