Guests and Topics: April 2

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Things are developing very quickly in Iraq as U.S. forces advance to an area less than 20 miles from Baghdad and coalition troops gear up for what will be an all-out assault on the Iraqi capital.

Ground forces from the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and the First Marine Expeditionary Corps have penetrated the Iraqi capital's "red zone" today, destroying one division of Saddam Hussein's much touted elite Republican Guard as they crossed the Tigris River.

The "red zone" is the area encircling the capital where U.S. officials say Iraqi resistance will be most tenacious, and where Saddam has reportedly authorized his troops to use chemical weapons.

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We'll have all the latest developments on Operation Iraqi Freedom for you this evening.

Plus, Sean and Alan will talk with the host of War Stories, former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North who is embedded with the Marines in Iraq. What's the mood of the troops as they get close to Baghdad?

Also joining the debate this evening:

• New Mexico Governor and former U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson on Saddam Hussein and the rebuilding of Iraq.

G. Gordon Liddy supports the war with Iraq and is actually the only radio talk show host who actually has a son fighting in Iraq. Liddy's son is serving with the Marines.

• Former U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger on the progress in the war as coalition forces near Baghdad. Will the rest of the world, including France, soon be wanting to join in rebuilding efforts in Iraq?

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