Booted Idol Contestant Apologizes to Fans, Peers

Corey Clark, booted off American Idol 2 late Monday, had his chance to apologize to viewers and fellow contestants on Tuesday night's live show.

"A story came out . . . about me, alleging I had beaten up my 15-year-old sister and four police officers, and that I was endangering a child, my sister," Clark said, via videotape, at the top of last night's show. "Basically the charges they're trying to bring against me I'm not guilty of at all."

Clark, 22, was disqualified after revealed that he was arrested last October for allegedly beating up his kid sister.

Unlike another AI2 contestant, Trenyce, Clark hadn't told the show's producers about his legal troubles, which hastened his demise on the popular reality show.

"Had I told the producers about it from the beginning, there's no telling what might have happened," he said last night. "To tell the truth, I was scared."

Clark then apologized to his fellow contestants, including those already voted off the show by fans.

"To those people who could have still been here in my place, I want to apologize to them, definitely," he said.  "I will definitely keep going, that's who I am. That's why I'm Corey."

Former AI2 contestant Frenchie Davis was also booted off the show for posing for a website catering to men interested in underage girls.

"All participants are required to provide full and accurate information to assist in background checks, including disclosure of any prior arrests," Fox said in a statement.

"Corey withheld information about a prior arrest which, had it been known, might have affected his participation in the show.

"Due to his failure to disclose, compounded by an error in a police report which misspelled Corey's name, the incident was not discovered during the background check."

It's not known if Clark's disqualification from AI2 will affect the show's schedule. AI2 kicks off one finalist at the end of every Wednesday's live show.

With Clark gone, there are now eight finalists going into Wednesday night's show.

"At this time, no decision has been made as to how this will impact this week's shows," Fox said in its statement.