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Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D., a professor of medicine at New York Hospital Weil Cornell Medical Center, is widely recognized as one of this country's preeminent doctors.

His regular appearances on the FOX News Channel have garnered a devoted nationwide following of viewers looking for the latest information on health and medical issues.

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Sunday Housecall was preempted on March 31 due to breaking news

Video Archive:

March 23

Sunday Housecall was preempted on March 23 due to breaking news

March 16

Part I: The ABCs of War Anxiety
Part II: Acid Reflux Disease as a Symptom of Heart Disease?
Part III: Answers to Your Questions

March 9

Sunday Housecall was preempted on March 9 due to breaking news

March 2

Part I: The Safety of Full Body Scans
Part II: Controversy Over the Diet Supplement Ephedra
Part III: Are Celebrities Having C-Sections Before Their Babies Are Due to Avoid Losing Their Figures?

Feb. 23

Sunday Housecall was preempted on Feb. 23 due to breaking news

Feb. 16

Your Health in the Midst of a Terror Attack

Feb. 9

Part I: Medical Research in Space
Part II: Drug That May Prevent Premature Birth
Part III: New Weight Loss Program Based on Eating Chocolate

Feb. 2

Sunday Housecall was preempted on Feb. 2 due to breaking news

Jan. 26

Part I: Protection From the Cold
Part II: Dangers of Vitamin A
Part III: New Sugar Substitute Splenda

Jan. 19

Part I: Von Willebrand Disease — Little-Known Bleeding Disorder
Part II: How to Protect Yourself From the Flu
Part III: Answers to Your Questions

Jan. 12

Part I: How Dangerous is Ricin?
Part II: A Drink a Day Could Keep a Heart Attack Away?
Part III: Can Bat Saliva Prevent a Stroke?

Jan. 5

Sunday Housecall was preempted on Jan. 5 due to breaking news

Dec. 29

Part I: Send in the Clones?
Part II: Is More Fish Good for You?
Part III: Can Acupuncture Increase Fertility?

Dec. 22

Part I: 2002 — A Great Year for Medicine?
Part II: Adult Stem Cell Research
Part III: Echinacea — A Waste of Money?

Dec. 15

Part I: Smallpox Vaccine — Not for Everyone
Part II: Questions Over Chicken Pox Vaccine
Part III: Link Between Chewing Gum and Tension Headaches

Dec. 9

Sunday Housecall was preempted on Dec. 9 due to breaking news

Dec. 1

Part I: Nuts and Type II Diabetes
Part II: H. Pylori and Stomach Cancer
Part III: The Benefits of Beer

Nov. 25

Part I: New 3-D Technology to Monitor Cardiovascular Disease
Part II: Cruise Ships Crippled By Stomach Virus
Part III: Nuclear Fears and Potassium Iodide

Nov. 17

Part I: New Warnings Regarding Bextra
Part II: Home Defibrillator for Cardiac Arrest
Part III: Hot Tubs — Bad For Your Health?

Nov. 10

Part I: Bubonic Plague Fears
Part II: Flu Shots — Fact and Fiction
Part III: Answers to Your Questions

Nov. 3

Part I: Latest Diabetes News
Part II: FDA Approves Zetia — Drug With Blockbuster Status
Part III: Women and Caffeine

Oct. 27

Part I: Angioplasty Stent Surprise
Part II: Answers to Your Questions
Part III: Chocolate: Good for Your Health?

Oct. 20

Sunday Housecall was preempted on Oct. 20 due to breaking news

Oct. 13

Part I: Kids and Obesity
Part II: Ancient Remedy or Medical Placebo?
Part III: 'Lemon Aid' Birth Control

Oct. 6

Part I: Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment
Part II: Questions About Anthrax Vaccines
Part III: The Key to Curing Heart Disease? 

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