Guests and Topics: March 31

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A few U.S. military units crossed into the "red zone" around Baghdad Monday as others cautiously made their way into Saddam Hussein's seat of power, taking on stubborn clusters of resistance.

The so-called "red zone" is defended by Iraq’s Republican Guard and is one of the most treacherous regions of the country for the invading troops. There have been reports that Saddam has authorized the use of chemical weapons against allied forces once they pass a certain point, and the "red zone" could be that point.

Army and Marine units are reportedly trying to assess Iraqi troop strength and find out what the enemy might do once coalition forces get closer to the ultimate goal: Baghdad. Alexander Haig, former secretary of state joins the show.

And we’ll check in with Col. Oliver North who is embedded with the 1st Marine Unit in Iraq—he’ll bring us the latest in a live report.

NBC fired journalist Peter Arnett on Monday, says it was wrong for him to give an interview with state-run Iraqi TV where he said the American-led coalition's initial plan for the war had failed because of Iraq's resistance. Did Arnett deserve to lose his job? Join the debate…

Dick Morris weighs in on public's support or lack of for the war.

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