Topics and Guests for Friday, March 28

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March 28:

Military planners at CENTCOM are shooting down the notion that they might have underestimated Iraqi forces, but some generals are complaining off the record that they don't have enough fire or manpower in place
Peter Brookes, senior fellow in national security affairs at the Heritage Foundation
• Retired Army Col. Robert Killebrew

If a soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it or wears it... our next guest makes sure it's there and ready
• Arm Gen. Paul Kern

Folks at the Defense Department are feeling some of the same frustrations as President Bush about media coverage of the war
Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America and former special assistant to President Lyndon Johnson

Reporters embedded with coalition troops are bringing us the latest news, but what are the legal and ethical obligations of a journalist covering a war?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

It's only day nine in the war, and President Bush is saying that Saddam Hussein's regime now only controls a "small portion" of the country
• Former Army Capt. Greg Downey, co-author of Eyes of Orion

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