Topics and Guests, March 26

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Iraq's Republican Guard -- Saddam Hussein's most loyal fighters -- and a convoy of at least 1,000 enemy vehicles appear ready to go on the offensive against coalition forces marching toward Baghdad.


• The first sizable relief convoy rolls into Iraq in a sandstorm as allied forces struggle to clear the way for more aid shipments, using dolphins to remove mines from waterways and trying to subdue Iraqi fighters in the city of Basra.

• Two cruise missiles strike a residential area in Baghdad, killing 14 people -- the worst single reported instance of civilian deaths since the U.S. bombing campaign began a week ago.

• The discovery of 3,000 chemical suits in an Iraq hospital that was used as an enemy military base raises concern that Saddam Hussein's regime is prepared to use chemical weapons.

• President Bush is looking to buck up the troops as U.S forces encounter tougher resistance in Iraq, warning Americans anew of a potentially long conflict.

• British forces battle more than 1,000 die-hard Iraqi loyalists for control of Basra, coming to the defense of inhabitants who rose up against Saddam Hussein in the streets of the country's second-largest city.

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