Guests and Topics: March 25

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Sandstorms slowed coalition forces to a crawl and thwarted air missions Tuesday as U.S.-led forces edged within 50 miles of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein's hub of power.

It's a little bit ugly out there today," with wind, sandstorms and rain, Air Force Major Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr. said in a press briefing at U.S. Central Command in Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar. "However, that hasn't stopped us."

The invasion of Baghdad, he said, is still on track.

A total of 1,400 air sorties were expected on Tuesday, focusing on Republican Guard units blocking the path to Baghdad, Renuart said. He said coalition troops destroyed six GPS jammers -- used to throw U.S. aircraft and bombs off course electronically -- over the past two nights. The latest on the war and more...

Joining the debate tonight:

Lawrence Eagleburger, former Secretary of Statend
Bill Bennett, author of Why We Fight
Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House
Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J.

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