Topics and Guests, March 19

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

With less time left for Saddam Hussein to get out of Iraq or face war, coalition forces have moved into the demilitarized zone separating Kuwait and Iraq, FOX News has confirmed.

Guest preview: How close are we to war? We ask retired Gen. Thomas McInerney.


• War preparations are in full swing aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt — most of the crew is asleep. Combat pilots and most of crew aboard the aircraft carrier were ordered to snooze through the day so they could shift to night operations.

• Turkey says it will open its airspace to U.S. planes, but it will not allow access to airbases.

• Intelligence reports indicate a high risk that Iraq would use chemical weapons during a U.S.-led war to topple President Saddam Hussein. But chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix says he does not believe Iraq will use chemical or biological weapons during a war, even though it can produce warheads and deadly agents to fill them.

• Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat appoints his longtime deputy Mahmoud Abbas as prime minister, marking the first time that Arafat has been forced to share power.

• From airports to cattle feedlots to nuclear plants, the government has begun tightening security to fortify America against terror.

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