Topics and Guests for March 19

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Topics and Guests for March 19:

Coalition forces have moved into the demilitarized zone separating Kuwait and Iraq, Fox News has learned. "Troops walked into the DMZ this morning at around 11 a.m. [3 a.m. EST]," a Kuwaiti security source told Reuters. An American military spokesman would neither confirm nor deny those reports, and a British army spokesman said only that troops were in "forward battle positions."
Sen. Jay Rockefeller D-W. Va.

Why and how will this war be different from Desert Storm?
Retired Army Col. Glenn lackey, U.S. Army

FOX will talk to a couple who have twin sons in the Gulf preparing for battle. How do they feel about it? They’ll share their feelings with FOX.
Sandra Montes, twin sons serving in the Gulf
Eric Montes, twin sons serving in the Gulf

Is it possible Saddam Hussein has already slipped out of Iraq? Could his look-alikes be posing as the Iraqi dictator while Saddam escapes to freedom? Will the U.S. successfully find Saddam?
Michael Battles
, former CIA operations officer

Post war without Saddam: Who will rule Iraq?
Entifadh Qanbar, director of the INC Washington, D.C. office

Profiling Saddam and his sons…
Dr. Jerrold Post, director of the political psychology program at George Washington University

Marching toward war: Coalition forces move into demilitarized zone separating Kuwait and Iraq as clock winds down on Saddam Hussein.
Rep. Duncan Hunte, R-Calif.

The air assault on Iraq…
Retired Airforce Major Gen. Paul Weaver, U.S. Airforce


Preparing for war…
Retired Army Major General Donald E. Edwards, U.S. Army

The president has followed through on his word to the families of 9/11…
Alice Hoglan, mother of Mark Bingham, Mark died on flight 93

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change