Topics and Guests for March 18

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Our troops are ready and now they await the word to wage war. How will the Iraqi invasion plan unfold? We'll talk with our top military analysts.

Then, the president made his case for war last night in his address to the nation. Did the speech convince the world? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter and former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Charles Dunbar

Plus, the nation's security alert level has been raised from yellow to orange. What does that mean for you and your family as we brace for war? We'll ask FOX News Contributor, author and Washington Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz.

Also, what's the situation in the middle East as an invasion of Iraq looms? We'll go LIVE to the region and speak with Southam News' Hilary MacKenzie.

Finally, is the connection between Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda much bigger than we ever imagined? New documents seized by U.S. agents in Bosnia raise some disturbing questions. We'll have the latest for you.

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