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Seven weeks after Elizabeth Smart disappeared, the man accused of abducting her might have tried to kidnap her 18-year-old cousin, investigators said Friday… Was Elizabeth only part of the plan? Cynthia Smart Owens and her aunt Angela Smart will react.

And we’ll talk to a counselor of the Smart family, Bishop Mike Hamblin who helped the Smart family through the nine-month ordeal. Find out how Elizabeth and the family are doing now.

And meet two brave American soldiers who were wounded carrying out their mission to track Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan. Sergeant Christopher Martin, and Sergeant Michael Lyons Jr., share their stories.

When you hear about a protest these days, what do you mostly here about? An anti-war protest. But last weekend, in Fayetteville North Carolina, home to Fort Bragg, hundreds of people turned out for a support our troops rally and they're going on around the country. Well, our next guest was at this particular rally. Barbara Neff from support our troops rally gives the details.

And we’ll talk to War Stories host Oliver North tonight… he’s live from Kuwait!

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