Topics and Guests for March 13

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She's home with her family! But what has she been through? Was she brainwashed? What went on during the months of her long ordeal? We'll have the latest on the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and its incredible happy ending.

Then, Is the United States backing away from the March 17 deadline? Will there actually be a vote on the draft resolution or not? What's going on at the United Nations? Are we in the last days of diplomacy concerning the Iraq situation?

We'll have a LIVE report from FOX News Correspondent Eric Shawn with all the latest developments. And, we'll get analysis from former Presidential Adviser David Gergen.

Plus, Britain's Tony Blair has put forth a set of new conditions that Saddam Hussein must meet or face military action. Will the Security Council endorse Blair's plan? Will Saddam Hussein agree to the conditions that have be proposed? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter.

Plus, we'll convene our military roundtable and look at the latest strategy for launching a strike against Iraq. Are our troops prepared for some of the strange scenarios Saddam may unleash? How are our troops holding up as the diplomats try to reach a consensus?

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