Crossword Puzzle Quiz for March 14, 2003

Back by popular demand — Our super-tough crossword puzzle. These clues all relate to people or events recently in the news. To enter the contest just send us the numbered answers; the grid is here to help you along.

2.   No angel
5.  Famous asp exterminator (2 wds.)
6.  Mad dance host
10.  Californian golden boy
11.  Sheikh-ing up Al Qaeda
12.  Al-Samoud, in English

1.   U.N.-laissez-faire
3.  The mother payload
4.  Oxymoronic league (2 wds.)
5.  _________, Utah
7.  Over when the fat man $ings?
8.  Dark caesura
9.  Last: Straw


Send your answers to after 9pm ET Friday, March 14. The first FOX Fan with the correct answers wins an FNC hat. Please remember to include your full name and mailing address in your e-mail or your entry will be discarded.

Click here for complete contest rules.