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She's alive! Elizabeth Smart is safe and back with her family today. She's been found in the town of Sandy, Utah.

What's her ordeal been like? Who abducted her? How was she found?

We'll have all the details on this breaking story.

Plus, what's going on at the United Nations? Earlier today, in London, the British government, facing an internal revolt and blind-sided by American comments that its military assistance might not be necessary, proposed new conditions for Iraqi disarmament that it hoped would be acceptable to the U.N. Security Council.

Foreign Office Minister Mike O'Brien, briefing legislators, said the "benchmarks" in a new draft resolution would include:

— A televised appearance by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in which he renounced nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

— Baghdad's permission to 30 key weapons scientists to travel to Cyprus to be interviewed by U.N. weapons inspectors.

— The destruction "forthwith" of 10,000 liters of anthrax and other chemical and biological weapons Iraq allegedly possesses.

— The disclosure of full details regarding an Iraqi aerial drone recently discovered by weapons inspectors.

O'Brien said Britain hoped for a vote at the United Nations on Thursday.

But FOX News has also learned that Spain may try to postpone the vote until next week! What's going on? Will we ever get to a vote? Is a war just a week away? We'll have a LIVE report from Eric Shawn at the United Nations.  

Plus, hearings on Capitol Hill today take on the difficult problem of North Korea. The hearings begin as U.S. intelligence officials warn that North Korea is laying the groundwork for another missile test. This time it will break the country's moratorium on long-range ballistic missile flights. We'll get the specifics from FOX News Contributor and Washington Times  National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz, who reported on this new development in his newspaper today.

Then, is the old art of diplomacy the only way to break the logjam at the Security Council over Iraq? We'll talk with former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter.

Finally, we'll go LIVE to Baghdad for the latest from Iraq.

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