Topics and Guests for March 11

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Topics and Guests for March 11:

With a deadline for war failing to pick up support, Iraq destroyed more Al Samoud 2 missiles Tuesday in an effort to cement divisions on the U.N. Security Council and warned that any invaders will find their deaths here.
Sen. John Sununu, R-NH

Hear the story of a toddler who miraculously survived a car accident that killed her parents. We’ll talk to the pregnant state trooper who is getting credit for finding the two-year-old girl. After the accident the little girl wandered away from the car.
Sandy Kayachith, toddler's aunt
Rhonda Waldera, Wisconsin State Trooper
Sean Berkowitch, Wisconsin State Trooper

Saddam’s drones: How do we fight them?
Retired Admiral Henry Mauz, USN


Foreign ministers from around the globe will take turns speaking their minds on Iraq Tuesday as the U.N. Security Council continues to ponder a resolution authorizing war with Baghdad.
Amb. Marc Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco

A new CIA Intelligence report on Al Qaeda shows action inside Iraq.
Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer

Will Saddam leave Iraq in a blaze of fire? We'll speak with someone who helped put the oil fires out in Kuwait. He says the situation in Iraq is very dangerous.
Patrick Campbell, president of Wild Well Control

What is the Turkish support for the war against Iraq? The congressman met with the new Turkish prime minister on Friday.
Rep. Edward Whitfield, R-KY


Hear this debate! Does the U.S. really need to win the vote in the UN Security Council?
Reshma Yaqub, Muslim American journalist
Zainab Al-Suwaij, executive director of the American-Islamic congress

The truth behind Saddam's evil empire… Hear the real life story of persecution and the testimony of an Iraqi woman who was exiled.
Tanya Gilly, Iraqi woman exiled

How will the U.S. fight a bio-attack?
Bob Bevelacqua, former Gulf War veteran

War with Iraq: How much will it cost?
Rep. John Spratt, D-SC and assistant minority leader

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change