Topics and Guests, March 10

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Jim Angle reports: The United States and France are mired in competing lobbying campaigns in order to win U.N. Security Council members over to their sides of the Iraq debate.

Guest preview: Michael Cromartie, vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, gives us his take on President Bush, his faith and the war doctrine.


• Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says Russia would vote against the U.S. and British resolution before the U.N. Security Council giving Saddam Hussein a March 17 deadline to disarm or face war.

• International weapons inspectors stumble upon a new kind of bomb in Iraq that could be filled with chemical or biological agents and strewn over populated areas, FOX News has confirmed.

• North Korea test-fires a short-range missile into the sea in what was seen as an attempt to raise tension further in the standoff over its nuclear programs and pressure the United States into negotiations.

• Top U.S. officials say Iran had advanced its nuclear weapons program beyond what authorities had previously believed, and they used the reports to bolster the American case that Iraq must be disarmed.

• Opening debate in Congress, senators hoping to ban a procedure they call partial birth abortion express confidence they have the political clout to prevail after an eight-year struggle.

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