Topics and Guests for March 10

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The race is on at the United Nations as the world waits for the Security Council to vote on the Iraq draft resolution. Who will win... France or the United States?

Meanwhile, Kofi Annan, the U.N. Secretary General warns that the legitimacy of a war to disarm Iraq would be "seriously impaired" if it happened without the support of the United Nations.

How will this all shake out and what does it mean for the United States, President Bush and you? We'll have a LIVE report from the United Nations, get reaction from Baghdad and bring you the best analysis on television.

Plus, now that Turkey has a new leader will the country reconsider the stationing of troops on Turkish soil? And how will a possible war to disarm Iraq unfold? We'll check in with the members of our military roundtable.

And later, the disappearance of Modesto's Laci Peterson has been ruled a homicide. What's next for the investigation?

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