Guests and Topics: March 7

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A top provincial official said Friday that seven Al Qaeda members were killed in an operation in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and that two sons of Usama bin Laden may been wounded in the raid. U.S. officials disputed his claim that the bin Laden sons were captured.

Sanaullah Zehri, who as home minister of Baluchistan province is the top security official, said the raid was carried out by "allied forces" including U.S. troops in an area of Afghanistan where the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan converge.
Geraldo Rivera will have the latest with live reports from Turkey. And Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FOX News military analyst will react.

Iraq has carried out a "substantial measure" of the U.N.'s disarmament demands, chief weapons inspector Hans Blix told the Security Council Friday morning. But Baghdad still has not handed over sufficient documentary evidence, he said.

Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, the chief U.N. weapons inspectors, were back at the U.N. Friday to deliver what almost certainly will be their last report on Iraq's progress in disarming, and whether a war will be necessary to force Saddam Hussein to give up his arms. Reps. Bob Filner, D-CA and Jack Kingston, R-GA weigh in…

Lorna Tychostup does not call herself a human shield… but some may argue that point… She just returned from protesting the war in Iraq, she’ll share her experiences tonight.

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