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Turkey's powerful military chief said Wednesday that the army backed the deployment of U.S. troops in the country for a war in neighboring Iraq.

Gen. Hilmi Ozkok stressed, however, that the military respected parliament's rejection on Saturday of a motion to allow deployment of the U.S. troops.

But he said that letting the United States open a northern front against Iraq would lead to a shorter war, minimize casualties and U.S. support would help Turkey with any economic fallout.

Ozkok's statement was likely to put more pressure on legislators to overturn their rejection of the bill. Newt Gingrich reacts to the latest on Iraq and more...

Sen. Lindsey Graham has asked Attorney General John Ashcroft to provide him with a legal assessment of those Americans headed to or already in Iraq to offer themselves as "human shields." Graham, who has been vehement in his opposition to Americans who go to Iraq and calls them "treasonous," said he believes the "full force of the law should be applied to those American citizens who give aid or comfort to our enemies." He’ll join the debate tonight!

Students across the country took to the streets today to protest military action against Iraq. The Books, Not Bombs protests saw young people from New York to California walk out of class and take to the streets.
Karim Lopez, Youth & Student Peace Coalition
Estevan Nembhard, Youth & Student Peace Coalition

How far should interrogators go to get accurate information from the al Qaeda terrorist who is expected of planning the September 11 attacks? Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured over the weekend, and our next guest is here to tell us in shocking detail exactly how and why he should be tortured.
Jack Wheeler, Freedom Research Foundation

Harry Belafonte sang a different tune yesterday when he lashed out at the Bush administration over its stance on Iraq in an interview on Finnish TV. He was asked if his country's leaders were misguided. Belafonte replied, "Absolutely. I not only think they are misguided, but I think they know exactly what they're doing. And I think they're men who are possessed of evil." Is Mr. Belafonte the one who is misguided?
Nancy Skinner, radio talk show host
Cliff May, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

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