Topics and Guests for March 4

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

Is a war with Iraq imminent regardless of what happens at the United Nations? Is time running out for the members of the Security Council to act on Iraq? Will the U.S. go it alone if the members of the Security Council are deadlocked over the best way to disarm Saddam Hussein? We'll have analysis of all those questions plus much more.

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol will weigh in on President Bush's options and our progress in the war on terror.

Also, just exactly what kind of weapons of mass destruction does Iraq really have? We'll talk with former Iraqi nuclear scientist Khidir Hamza.

Then, Peter Brookes, who directs the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation will help us assess the growing threat from North Korea. What does the United States need to do right now to diffuse this potentially deadly situation?

And later, he's an American original... Wait till you hear what CBS's Andy Rooney has to say about Iraq and President Bush when he goes on the record with Greta!

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