Topics and Guests for March 4

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Topics and Guests for March 4:


Interrogating Mohammed: How far can U.S. officials go when interrogating the captured Al-Qaeda chief?
Steve Pomerantz, former assistant FBI director and former chief of counterterrorism

It’s a race to find the sleeper cells…
George Dew, former CIA operations officer

Military Iraq: Al Qaeda's Iraq army grows to 400…
Retired Col. John Garrett, U.S. Marine Corps

Iraq and the war on terror...
Sen. Byron dorgan, D-ND 
Sen. Kit bond, R-MO

A post Saddam Iraq?
Steve Forbes, CEO and editor in chief of Forbes magazine

Intelligence: The latest arrest on Al Qaeda
Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer

Missing girl : The latest in the search for Kristine Johnson
Terry Wark, mother of Kristine Johnson

Married by America premiered on Fox last night! Another reality TV show, will this one be a hit?
Lisa Bernhard
, deputy editor of TV Guide

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change