Topics and Guests for March 3

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He's been described as "a really big fish." The capture this weekend of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed strikes a significant blow to the Al Qaeda terror network. Will his arrest in Pakistan this weekend prevent future terror attacks around the world? And will it lead us to Usama bin Laden? We'll have the latest developments for you this evening.

Then, the arrest of Mohammed came at a crucial moment in the war on terror. Will the capture of this top Al Qaeda operative help President Bush as he seeks to disarm Iraq? We'll ask former presidential advisor David Gergen.

Plus, what are some of Al Qaeda's possible targets? Will we see new terror strikes in retaliation for the arrest of Mohammed? FOX News Contributor and Washington Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz has inside information for us.

Also, a shock in Turkey this weekend... The Turkish Parliament dealt a stunning blow to U.S. war planners on Saturday when it failed to approve a measure that would have allowed American combat troops to open a northern front about Iraq. Where does this leave U.S. troops? And why did this happen? We'll get the Turkish perspective on this weekend's developments when Turkey's Ambassador to the United States O. Faruk Logoglu goes on the record.

Later, could we effectively wage a war against Iraq without deploying troops in Turkey? How would that work? We'll talk with retired U.S. Army Col. Bob Maginnis.

Additionally, we'll talk with a man who has tracked Usama bin Laden. UPI Senior Correspondent Arnaud de Borchgrave will tell us how close we may be to capturing bin Laden.

And, we'll have a report from Baghdad when Canada's Hilary MacKenzie joins us from Iraq.

Finally, who was the last person to see Laci Peterson before she disappeared? Vivian Mitchell says she was. We'll speak with Ms. Mitchell and her husband this evening.

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