Guests and Topics: March 3

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One of the most important leaders of Al Qaeda, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was arrested by officials in Pakistan this weekend. Now comes the next phase... How will the United States extract crucial information from him about future terror attacks and will it lead us to  Usama bin Laden? Is there any chance that American interrogators are torturing the Al Qaeda big shot? Also, how did law enforcement officials manage to track down Mohammed and where is he now? We won't have speculation for you, we'll have No Spin specifics when former Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani and former U.S. Army Cmd. Sgt. Mjr. Eric Haney who is also the author of Inside Delta Force.

Plus, a shocker in Turkey this weekend. Plans for a possible military strike against Iraq were thrown into disarray this weekend after the Turkish government failed to gather enough support in parliament to win an authorization of U.S. troop deployment on Turkish soil. Will there be another vote on this controversial issue? We'll get the latest from FOX News' own Geraldo Rivera in Turkey.

Also, Factor  this... Her landlord spied on her with a hidden camera and made her life a living hell. But the court released him with little more than a slap on the wrist. Now he's free to do this again! Tonight, the victim Stephanie Fuller speaks out.  

Then, the ACLU continues to stir things up... We'll tell you about two new cases that have caught our attention. This time the ACLU is objecting to the practice of assigning risk factors to certain air travelers. And the group is also not very happy about special vanity license plates being offered in the state of Virginia. We'll have the details for you about both cases when attorney Lawrence Walters joins us.

And later, is sexual assault tolerated at the Air Force Academy? We'll talk with two women who were raped while attending the Academy. What do they make of the Air Force's current investigation? We'll talk with two women who say they have experienced rape at the Academy. Former Cadet "Aly," we'll show her in silhouette to protect her identity and former Air Force Captain Dorothy Mackey.

Finally, everyone has a mother... even shock rapper Eminem. What's the rapper's mom got to say about him? You might just find Debbie Nelson's story disturbing...

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