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Iraqi officials say that they will start destroying their Al Samoud 2 missiles tomorrow in order to comply with the deadline that has been imposed by the U.N. chief weapons inspector. That just coming out, Hans Blix earlier today. Now the question is, can we believe them?
Richard Perle, former assistant defense secretary

Will Iraq comply with the U.N., and will they destroy their Al Samoud 2 missiles?
Leon Fuerth, former Gore national security advisor

First, Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott recently gave a speech at a community college in Washington state and he took aim at President Bush. Is McDermott just paving the way for the Democratic presidential candidates?
Kirby Wilbur, radio talk show host in Seattle area
John Carlson, radio talk show host in Seattle area

The French government's lack of support for the United States over the possible war in Iraq has soured the grapes of many Americans. One county commissioner in Florida is taking it a step further and would officially like to change the name of French fries to freedom fries.
Burt Aaronson, Palm Beach Vounty commissioner

Kristine Johnson, a 21-year-old woman from Santa Monica was last seen February 15, when here roommate says she was headed to Beverly Hills to meet with a photographer. Are police any closer to finding the woman?
Terry Wark, daughter missing
Edwin Ortiz, Kristine Johnson's boss

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