Topics and Guests for Friday, Feb. 28

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Feb. 28:

Even though they don't want war, some supporters of French President Jacques Chirac do want him to start treading a little more lightly. They're afraid a veto in the Security Council would tear apart the U.N. and wreck the already tense relations with the U.S.
Adam Sage, writer for The London Times

How do you figure the cost of war? You add up things like how many troops you need, how long they will stay, plus all the equipment used... among other things
• Retired Army Brig. Gen. John Reppert

The LBJ Library in Austin releases a new White House tape made secretly by Lyndon Johnson, in which he vents about opposition to his bombing plans and frustration with the U.N. Sound familiar?
Paul Burka, executive editor of Texas Monthly

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