Guests and Topics: February 27

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What is a citizen's duty during a time of war? Should protests against military action cease once the fighting begins? We'll have a debate.

Plus, their parents serve in the National Guard... So why are their kids being harassed by some teachers who oppose a war with Iraq?

Also, speaking of kids in school... Remember the "sex on a school bus" story in Massachusetts that we told you about earlier this year? Wait till you hear what's happened now to one of the kids involved... 

Then, a NASA insider discusses the Columbia shuttle disaster. Was this tragic event nearly inevitable? We'll talk with Bill Nelson.

And, as The Factor moves along... The Supreme Court tells the National Organization for Women that they are wrong. We'll have the details. 

Finally, former Education Secretary Bill Bennett discusses two very controversial cases involving public schools in this country. Should the Federal government have intervened in the Newark public schools when poet Amiri Baraka was designated the Poet Laureate of the Newark Public School? And what about the anti-war teach-in what was held in the Oakland public schools?

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