Friends and Enemies

Sunday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET

Iraq -- it's a conflict that threatens to destroy some of the United States' oldest alliances.

As the U.S. and the United Kingdom seek to disarm Saddam Hussein by force if necessary, France, Germany and Russia continue to resist the threat of military action.

Join FOX News Channel this weekend as Brian Wilson hosts Friends and Enemies, an in-depth look at who our friends really are in this uncertain time.

• We'll name our fair-weather friends who've become known as the "Axis of Weasels." Are they only looking out for their interests?

• We'll question the role of Arab countries who on one day appear to want to help and on other days want no part of us, with FOX News foreign affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz

• We'll sit down with Tucker Eskew, a key White House adviser, about his role in persuading the world that our mission is honorable

And finally, what diplomatic damage has been done between us and our allies and can it ever be fixed?