Saddam Endgame: Exile, Execute, Escape or Ensnare?

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein says he would rather die than leave his country and that he would not destroy its wealth by setting fire to its oil wells in the event of a U.S.-led invasion.

Saddam, in an interview with CBS' Dan Rather, dismissed any idea of going into exile to avoid war.

"We will die here. We will die in this country and we will maintain our honor — the honor that is required ... in front of our people," Saddam said according to excerpts of the interview posted on the network's Web site Tuesday. CBS said the comments would air Wednesday on 60 Minutes II.

President Bush said last month that he would welcome exile for Saddam, and some Arab countries — most notably Saudi Arabia — have proposed offering Saddam exile to avert war.

Saddam endgame: Exile, execute, escape or ensnare?

A sample of your responses:

Saddam needs justice, Iraq justice. Turn him over to the Kurds, let them deal with him.

I think Saddam should be executed.  Before you do that, you ought to put him in a room with all the Iraqi exiles that he tortured and maimed, put him on the torture rack, then let them torture him,  then will let him co-star in a movie with Janeane Garofalo, and then we can kill him. 
Gil R.
Ephrata, PA

Execute him...  It may make the next idiot think twice before committing atrocities...
Simi Valley, CA

I think Saddam will end up ensnared by our troops. He came to power being a thug and has been consistently a thug over the years. Thugs are not honorable people. In fact thugs are always cowards.the only thing they fully understand is when the other guy has a bigger gun to their head. He doesnt have the honor or the courage to die in battle for Iraq or Iraq's people. He only cares for himself and thats what makes us different from him, we as a nation understand the sacrafice required to keep peoples and countries free.
Boston, MA

Execute him - it's easy to decide - like when an animal gets rabies or goes mad or when a canine attacks a human, you have to put the beast down now or you will always wonder if the beast will strike again, no matter how much the beast may be hurt it's dangerous unless it's dead. Saddam is the beast!
Sonny R.
Tulsa, OK

Let Sadam think he's ESCAPING into EXILE, then ENSNARE him and EXECUTE him.

Ideal would be execution. Seeing how things have been playing out, he'll escape, probably to Saudi Arabia ? Hmm, or maybe France?
Amy L.
Chateaugay, NY

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