Guests and Topics: February 26

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Should the countries that are not supporting our efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein be punished? For example, should we slap trade tariffs on France and Germany? Should we review the aid policies that effect countries like Mexico? Should individual Americans even consider cancelling travel plans to some these countries? We'll hear from both sides when John Hulsman from The Heritage Foundation and Bathsheba Crocker from the Center for Strategic and International Studies join us.

Then, a preliminary hearing begins in Los Angeles today focusing on actor Robert Blake. The hearing is expected to last for two weeks. Authorities will use the hearing to decide whether there is enough evidence in this case to try Blake for murder. We'll talk with criminal defense attorney Howard Weitzman about how he would present Blake's case.

Also, the University of South Florida fired professor Sami Al-Arian on Wednesday, February 26 because of his indictment on terrorism charges. Although the president of USF says it's not because of the charges, we know it is. And we're okay with that. But if the professor is found not guilty, he should get his job back with retroactive pay. Well, Fox News analyst Mansoor Ijaz says American Muslims continue to suffer because of situations like Al-Arian's... He'll explain why he feels that way. 

Plus, are teachers unions undermining the American education system? Financial journalist Peter Brimelow says yes in his new book The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions are Destroying American Education. He'll join us in the No Spin Zone this evening.

Also, remember the Smothers Brothers? We'll talk with them this evening. The two entertainers were well known during the Vietnam war for their opposition to that conflict. What do they think of the Iraq situation? Tom and Dick Smothers enter the No Spin Zone this evening.

Finally, in the "Back of the Book" segment... A story that was kind of kept quiet by the national media, but we've caught it. A cult called the "United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors" has been quietly operating in upstate New York and rural Georgia. But, a few months ago, its leader, Dwight York, was arrested and pleaded guilty to 77 counts of sex crimes against children, and, in some of the articles written about the case, the names Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton surfaced. So why are these two civil right advocates getting involved with this cult? And what do you need to know about this cult, anyway? We'll talk with Robert Peecher from the Macon, Georgia, Telegraph, a newspaper that's been covering the controversy surrounding the cult.

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