Barbara Walters , Joe Millionaire 2 and Daredevil

Barbara Walters gets her Oscar interview, Joe Millionaire lies again and a Daredevil spin-off in The Foxlight.

So Barbara Walters is going to talk to Nicolas Cage on Oscar night? OK. But the man who never says a word about his private life will probably do more dancing than a Radio City Rockette on Ex-Lax. Still, the network released this statement saying that Cage will open up about his "tumultuous private life with his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley." Uh-huh. I'm not from Missouri but you'll still have to show me.

I know I correctly predicted how the first Joe Millionaire would end -- they gave out a million bucks. But how on earth is Fox going to do another one? The network says there will be a Joe Millionaire 2. It's anybody's guess how they'll find women who don't already know it's a lie. A top Fox TV exec says, "it can't be done identically to the first one for all the obvious reasons." But, the exec says the network "has come up with a notion that carries all of the same values forward." I think the value they're talking about is ratings.

Finally, Daredevil is getting a spin-off. Fox Studios says it's planning an Elektra movie starring Jennifer Garner. The new story takes place after the events of Daredevil. No word yet from Fox if Garner will be in the Daredevil sequel or if Ben Affleck will be in the Elektra movie. I have a bigger question -- Didn't she die in the first one? Hello?