Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Feb. 26

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Feb. 26:

The balance of power in the U.N. may rest with the smaller countries on the Security Council, and not the big fish like France and Germany
Richard Burt, former U.S. ambassador to Germany

The price of war is often measured in dead and wounded, but dollars and cents are another factor — one that's not so easy to measure or
Robert Hormats, vice president of Goldman Sachs International

Has the Democratic party become the party of appeasement? Peace at any cost? House Majority Leader Tom Delay says so, but does his charge hold water?
Ryan Lizza, associate editor of The New Republic

A huge abortion ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court may change the way pro-life activists protest
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

What happens when celebrities like actor Sean Penn or Janeane Garofalo use their fame for a cause? 
James Hersin of

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