Guests and Topics: February 25

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We'll look at the debate over the behavior of the family of Jesica Santillan in the aftermath of that terrible transplant tragedy in North Carolina. Despite their crushing grief after their daughter's death is it morally wrong for the family to sue the doctor who botched their daughter's heart-lung transplant operation? It's a very emotional and complicated story. We'll hear from both sides when George Annas, Chairman of the Health and Law Department at Boston University and Dr. Laszlo Fuzesi the Director of Heart Transplant procedures at Westchester Medical Center in New York join us.

Then, is the Iraq situation unraveling and is President Bush losing control of it? Some say that between the mess at the U.N. and the anti-war sentiment in this country and around the world, the answer is yes. We'll take a look at it with Reason magazine's Jason Sullum.

Plus, thought you knew everything about the Sami Al-Arian story? Well, there's more...  Guess which members of Congress got money from Al-Arian? And, how did Al-Arian manage to meet with President Bush at the White House! We've been investigating and we'll have a special report for you when Evan Kohlman from the Investigative Project joins us.

Also, just who is the real Ramsey Clark? The former United States Attorney General, who served under President Lyndon Johnson, has become a very controversial figure in this country. Since his days in public service, Clark has become the founder and chairperson of the International Action Center. This group is at the forefront of the anti-war movement in the United States. Is Clark in danger of becoming a traitor to the United States? We'll get some No Spin answers from nationally syndicated columnist Mona Charen, author of the new book Useful Idiots.

And, a female basketball player at a New York area college is refusing to face the U.S. flag during the playing of the national anthem. What, if anything, should be done about that? We'll talk with attorney Bruce Baron.

Finally, a second look at our interview with porn star Jenna Jameson!

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