Dubya vs. Dictator: Debate, or Da Boot?

Saddam Hussein has challenged President Bush to a debate on live television, according to excerpts from a CBS interview, and indicated he won't heed U.N. orders to destroy his Al Samoud 2 missiles.

However, a top adviser said the U.N. order was "still being studied."

In the three-hour interview in the Iraq capital, CBS television quoted Saddam as calling for the debate via satellite linkup. The White House said the debate offer was not serious.

Dubya vs. dictator: Debate, or da boot?

A sample of your responses:

Why on earth would the most powerful leader in the free world attempt to debate someone who shouldn't even be recognized in this world?  We'll never sink to his level, and we'll never debate him.
Kyle L.

My Grandmother used to say "a smart man nevers argues with an idiot because anyone listening won't be able to tell the difference between the two."
Marc S.
Amherst, NY

Who, in God's name, if they have a brain in their head, thinks that Saddam 'thought' of having a debate with President Bush? No, no, no. Try Dan Rather.  This is so laughable!
Judith K.
Fort Worth, TX

Debate?  This is more than insane.  Let's say for theory sake that it wasn't.  Then, I ask this:
1.  Exactly what will be the topics for debate?
2.  What will the rules be?
Viera, FL

Couldn't we track Saddam's location during the debate and then send a Tomahawk missile to that location thus blowing him up on live TV? Now that would bring in some ratings during sweeps.
Gary S.
Point Pleasant, NJ

I see nothing wrong with two dictators debating each other.

I'm strongly in favor of a debate...but...how do you debate a dead man?????
Vernon L.
Vian, OK

I think a spelling bee is more appropriate. Saddam, can you spell "disarm",  as in "Iraq will disarm"? Can you spell "U - S - A" as in "The USA already stomped your nickel cigar military once before"? Can you spell "thrust" as in "You will soon be thrust into both physical and historical oblivion"?
President Bush, can you spell "Nook-yuh-ler" as in "With enemies like Saddam, we don't need nook-yuh-ler warheads"?
Mike B.
Lampasas, TX

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