Turkey's Demands: For the Birds, or Protection From Prey?

A U.S.-Turkish dispute that is delaying the deployment of U.S. troops for an Iraq strike should be resolved "within the coming days," Turkey's economy minister said.

The United States and Turkey failed on Wednesday to agree on the terms of an economic aid package designed to offset Turkey's losses from a possible war on Iraq. The standoff came as U.S. ships loaded with tanks and other armor awaited orders off the Turkish coast.

Turkish leaders have said they will not agree to the deployment until the aid package is settled.

Turkey's demands: For the birds, or protection from prey?

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I wonder if Turkey remembers all the assistance that the US has shown over the years when they have had major Earthquakes? We don't need friends like the Turks!
Lance and Michelle F.

Quid pro quo?  Yes. Bribery?  NO. Turkey insisted on protection from Iraq by UN, but demands exorbitant bribe from U.S. for troops that not only further our plans, but also protect Turkey from Iraq.  BOO! Already our troops there pump millions into Turkish economy by purchases, etc. More than $26B??  My question is why even that??
Ken M.
Samson, AL

Turkey is a true friend. The best that a few billion dollars can buy.
Margate, FL

I recall Turkey asking for security help, we have the 4th and 101st on ships stuck at a diplomatic toll booth off their coast, whats up with that? Also, i put my duct tape up when i realized i have no duct tape player.
Terry A.

For thirty billion dollars, why don't we just buy our own country in that area and tell Turkey to stuff it.

"Either you are with us, or you are against us"... If Turkey doesn't allow our troops there, aren't they actually helping Saddam (a terrorist) by making it difficult to get to him? Just a thought.
Janice W.
Snellville, GA
From what I've seen in another news report is that Turkey has not received financial compensation for the Gulf War as promised by the previous Bush administration, therefore, they want what is due plus more for the next War in the region.
Stephen L.

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