Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Feb. 25

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Feb. 25:

 FNC's Neil Cavuto meets with President Bush to talk about his administration's vision for the economy as the nation prepares for war
Neil Cavuto, FOX News managing business editor and host of Your World With Cavuto

She beat out 19 other woman, and won her way to Joe Millionaire's heart
Zora Andrich, substitute teacher

Newsrooms around the country are reviewing Pentagon plans to assign some 500 journalists to troop units in the Gulf. What it calls "embedding" would give viewers a front-row seat to war like we haven't seen since Vietnam
David Halberstam, Vietnam war correspondent

Two rival resolutions are on the agenda at the U.N. but is it a case of too much too late?
Susanne Nossel, senior adviser to former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

Nort Korea has fired off a short-range missile. Is the country now more of an immediate threat, or is Kim Jong Il just looking for some international attention?
• Retired Navy Commander James Auer 

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