Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

Another resolution on Iraq is headed to the Security Council. But France and Germany have their own ideas. What's next? And why do we even need another resolution?

We'll have the latest on the situation at the United Nations. Will this latest move be the last stop on the road to war? We'll get analysis from former presidential adviser David Gergen when he goes on the record.

Plus, last week Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri denied that his country has no ties to alleged Al Qaeda fugitive Abu Musaab Zarqawi. Zarqawi has been linked to the murder of a U.S. diplomat in Jordan and poison plots in a half-dozen European countries. Should we believe Iraq's foreign minister? Sources say Zarqawi is actually in Northern Iraq. FOX News Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz will share his insight with us.

Also, we'll convene our roundtable of international journalists and get their perspectives on the latest developments at the United Nations and in Iraq.

Then, we'll have special information on that devasting fire at a nightclub in Rhode Island. The state's attorney general says that the club owners are not answering as many questions as he would like. Do they have something to hide? We'll have the latest.

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