Topics and Guests for February 24

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Topics and Guests for February 24:

A former hostage of Saddam has a message for would be human shields-- don't be so naive! Do not put your self in harms way until you know the whole story… Hear his story.
B. George Saloom, former hostage used as a human shield

American Idol airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Is a star emerging?
Rickey Smith, finalist at American Idol
Vanessa Olivarez, finalist at American Idol

What can our missiles do?
Retired Vice Admiral Michael P. Kalleres, former commander of the NATO striking fleet during Operation Desert Storm

Police have been warned to be on the lookout for dangerous chemicals and poisons like Sarin gas and cyanide.
Harvey Kushner, terrorism & security analyst

One of the star’s of Growing Pains talks about her memoir of her journey with anorexia nervosa.
Tracey Gold, Room to Grow: An Appetite for Life

Is Bush not willing to wait for a UN decision? Will the Iraq decision come down this week?
Bill Tierney, former U.N. weapons inspector

The governors' winter meeting with the president & Homeland Security
Gov. John G. Rowland, R-CT
Gov. Gary locke, D-WA

The second U.N. resolution on Iraq, the French position, and the question of Turkey...
Frank Gaffney, former assistant secretary of defense in Reagan administration & president

Should we go to war before it is too late?
David Corn, editor of The Nation
Rich Lowry, National Review editor

How has the Bush administration been dealing with the U.N.?
Leon Fuerth, former foreign policy adviser to Al Gore
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review online


Newcomer Norah Jones was the surprise winner of the evening at the 45th annual Grammy Awards Sunday. The 23-year-old singer won album of the year, beating out both Bruce Springsteen and Eminem who were pegged as the main contenders for the award.
Kelli Delaney, US Weekly fashion director

Are extremist still a threat in the U.S. and overseas?
Danny Coulson, former FBI deputy assistant director

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change