Road to Perdition, Knockaround Guys and The Tuxedo

Road to Perdition, Knockaround Guys The Tuxedo

It was on my Top 10 list of the year and if you missed it in theaters, run to the rental store and grab Road to Perdition. Out this week on DVD and video (you remember video, right?), it's about as perfect a movie as they come.

Tom Hanks is against type and against Paul Newman. Hanks is on the run with his son and Jude Law is the photographer/hitman who wants to take a picture of the two of them in the morgue. Why this wasn't nominated for a Best Picture Oscar escapes me. Don't let it escape you.

Next, Vin Diesel just makes one hit movie after another, right? Wrong. Knockaround Guys knocked around the studio shelves for a while before being dumped into theaters. Any movie that wastes both Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich ought to knock around the people that made it.

Finally, Jackie Chan looks like a guy heading to a mid-life crisis prom in The Tuxedo. The suit gives him super powers -- or is that the double he now acknowledges using for some stunts? Jennifer Love-Interest Hewitt is along for the lame ride. This is one formal you can miss.