Zora Rips Her Ex-Boyfriend

Joe Millionaire sweetheart Zora Andrich struck back at an ex-boyfriend yesterday -- firing off a series of furious e-mails that slam her former paramour for talking about their brief relationship on national TV.

"I am beyond disgusted with you," Andrich wrote to Brian Gurneak, 30, a personal trainer who dated her from September 2002 until she left New Jersey for the Joe Millionaire tapings in France in November.

"How dare you talk about me -- something personal . . . How slimy!!!"

Andrich was responding to Gurneak's appearance Wednesday on Access Hollywood, in which he gave some intimate details of their hardly intimate relationship.

Yesterday, Gurneak went further, saying his tepid time with Andrich was similar to what viewers saw on Joe Millionaire.

"She always put up walls," said Gurneak, who met her in July when she hired him as a trainer. His first date with the militantly compassionate Andrich was at an AIDS walk in September.

"I really had strong feelings for her. We would kiss and cuddle, but she never let it go further. She's self-conscious about her body. She would always brush me away with her hand."

He recalled one date in which Andrich brought him back to her apartment for a nightcap and even invited him to the bedroom -- but then "the barriers went back up."

In the e-mails, Andrich lambasted Gurneak -- who models for clothing manufacturer Physique Bodyware -- for using her "just to launch your career."

"Yuck! How could I have ever thought you were a decent person!" she wrote.

"I don't doubt that you've worked hard to get where you're at, but use another avenue to make yourself known! You are proof that people will sink to the depths if there's something in it for them -- what a very, very disturbing reality."

For his part, Gurneak proposed his own reality show. "I want to have a celebrity boxing match with [Joe Millionaire Evan Marriott]," he said, flexing his 5-foot-10, 210-pound frame.