What Kilmeade Learned in Kuwait

FOX & Friend's Brian Kilmeade spent last week with U.S. troops on various bases in Kuwait.  We asked Brian to tell us about his experience there:

What a week it was for Fox & Friends in Kuwait. Producers Paulina Krycinski, Sebastian Hill and myself had just four days to make this trip happen, and thanks to the work of our Kuwaiti Bureau, Matt Singerman (Morning Czar), and most of all the U.S. Army, we pulled it off! As you can imagine, it turned out to be six days I personally will never forget.

In this short time period I feel like I talked to 5,000 soldiers from Specialist to General, and I have never been so impressed with their character and commitment. These men and women sacrifice their families, friends and any type of substantial paycheck for this country, and not once did I hear a bitter word uttered. Essentially, I feel like I traveled 6,000 miles to a desolate desert to meet the best America has to offer. They train most every day for a war they are more-than-ready to win but few of them relish. I do not mean they don't think it's necessary, because among all the soldiers I spoke to only one was iffy on the reasoning. They seem to want Saddam defanged, but know the realities of war, the risks they take, the lives that will be lost even in a successful campaign.

I notice many similarities in the sports world to the military world. As a sometime sports guy here at FOX News I can now compare the two. Number one, they both have passion for their profession. I watch colonels and captains light up as they talk about an Abrams tank like Sammie Sosa glows about a homer. I watch the guys bond and rip each other at every chance in the military tents as I do in the New York Giant locker room. I see Bill Parcells take control like I see a drill sergeant order his troops. Where they part is money, commitment, and sacrifice. I learned that many of these men do not earn a salary that keeps their family at home debt free. I see them look at the flag and talk about the country with awe, while far too often the millionaire pro athlete is too busy to mount the top step in the dugout for the pre-game national anthem. Most of all I see them embrace the rare media request, while most pros run for the hills. They do not serve for the publicity, fame, or fortune. They do it for a career, but most of all because they feel a calling to protect.

Overall, I'm amazed at the kindness extended to our network.  How they snapped together to make every segment work for our show, from getting us a singer or bachelor for the reality show features, to executing an "urban attack" live on camera. 

What they need to know is America and Americans are behind them. They are willing to serve; all they're asking for is to know we care. Judging by e-mails, millions do care and support the cause. The soldiers know that Saddam is a threat, some from fighting in the first Gulf war, some just from their time stationed in Kuwait. Most find in hard to believe others don't see it. Regardless, they are about to confront it, and rest assured these guys are ready for anything Iraq puts in their way.

We owe a special thanks to our own Brett Baier for setting up the entire concept of this trip. What a treat it was working with FOX's Kuwaiti Bureau, Malcolm James, Dusty Grubish, Kim Miller, Burnaby Green, Don Fair — just to name a few. Along with our Friends guys Paulina and Sebastian.  Extra special thanks to Col. Wesley, Col. Perkins, and Col. Grimsley. Next time we see these guys it may just be in Baghdad, amongst a cheering throng of liberated Iraqi citizens.  Let’s hope.