Guests and Topics: February 20

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University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian has been charged with supporting terrorism. The professor was arrested today and Attorney General John Ashcroft explained the indictment of Al-Arian and seven others at a press conference this afternoon. The professor has been charged with serving as a leader for the terror group Islamic Jihad.

The O'Reilly Factor was the first national program to bring the case of Professor Al-Arian to national attention.

We'll have full details of the arrest and the Justice Department's charges this evening when we speak with terrorism expert Matt Epstein.

Plus, we'll talk with an expert on the United Nations. Is the international organization in danger of becoming obsolete? Will there be yet another resolution urging Saddam Hussein to disarm? Do we need one? If a resolution is introduced this week will it be vetoed? Which members of the Security Council could wind up deraling a resolution? We'll have a No Spin look at the situation.

Then, you probably didn't know this but Germany's Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher has a very left-leaning past. Was he involved in terrorist activities in his youth? We'll have a shocking report. And we'll also examine the conviction yesterday of one of the men charged with helping plan the September 11 terror attacks. Did this terrorist get off with a light sentence?

Also, a Factor Follow-Up on the controversy over human sexuality pioneer Alfred Kinsey. Should Kinsey be respected as the "father of the sexual revolution" or reviled as a possible child molestor? The controversy continues. Is this a whitewash of a very serious situation? We'll hear from both sides this evening.

And later, is the media going too far in the Laci Peterson case?

Finally, if there's a "Left Coast" Hall of Shame... What should go in the "Right Coast" Hall of Shame? Fair and balanced... We'll have some nominations for you tonight!

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