Topics and Guests, February 19

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Jim Angle reports: President Bush meets with NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson. Will the talks close the divide between the United States, Turkey and NATO? NATO's secretary general says the alliance will move quickly to help defend Turkey against a possible attack by Iraq. But Turkey and the United States fail to agree on an economic aid package that would open the way for tens of thousands of U.S. combat soldiers.


• With more than two dozen countries opposing a rush to war, the United States and Britain struggle to find support for a new Security Council resolution authorizing force against Saddam Hussein.

• Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge launches the "Ready Campaign" -- a citizen preparedness effort aimed at teaching Americans what they can do to protect themselves in case of a terror attack, most specifically, he recommends, by being informed.

• Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt announces the establishment of his presidential campaign.

• Israeli tanks and soldiers battle Palestinian militants in the streets of Gaza City in violence that leaves 11 Palestinians dead, including a suicide bomber who tried to blow up a tank.

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