Topics and Guests, February 18

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

President Bush says he won't be deterred by global protests against war with Iraq because he says, "I owe it to the American people to secure this country and I will do so." Re-energized by a tough new European Union declaration warning Saddam Hussein to disarm immediately, the United States and Britain press ahead with plans for a resolution that would authorize the use of force in Iraq.

Guest preview: What's the future of Iraq? Who will rule when Saddam Hussein is not around? We ask retired Gen. Thomas McInerney.


• Future European Union members endorse a joint declaration warning Saddam Hussein he has one last chance to disarm, grasping for unity despite signs of a new continental rift.

• North Korea threatens to abandon the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War if the United States goes ahead with alleged plans to impose a naval blockade and other steps as preparation for a pre-emptive attack.

• Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's fourth term as chief financial analyst doesn't expire until June 2004, but already observers are wondering if the nation's pre-eminent economist may be on the way out the door.

• A man on a South Korean subway ignites a carton filled with flammable material, causing a fire that kills about 120 people and injures 135.

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